7 Powerful Ways to Feel More Connected

What is the one thing that we all yearn for even more than money or health?  To connect and belong. Whether you are the life of the party, or an introvert with a few chosen close friends, the need to feel connected is a huge part of what makes us human. So essential in fact, even new born babies come into the world instinctively knowing how to bond. And yet, modern life is all about speed over quality. We substitute superficial routines in place of true connection, meanwhile loneliness Read more [...]

Want to Stop Procrastinating? Here’s a Tip: Forgive Yourself More!

Do you often start things and don’t complete them? Do you put off things until the last moment, leading to anxiety and regret? Have you been stumped by your innate motivation for some areas of your life and not others? Not to worry. We all procrastinate -- sometimes. The problem is when this habit becomes so chronic and frequent, that it actually stops you from finishing your work on time, or keeping up your promises to friends and loved ones. That’s when it gets to really Read more [...]

What You Will and What You Won’t depends on What You Want.

Do you often wonder why your diets never seem to stick or why every year you make, and then break, that same one New Year’s resolution? Welcome to my world. I’ve struggled with procrastination for a long time and many of you often ask me for tips on how to overcome the nasty P word, and so am always on the look out for real research based hacks to get around it. While on that quest last week, I stumbled onto a book that uses actual research to tell you why many of us get caught in Read more [...]

How to Use the Six Laws of Persuasion to Build Relationships

Have you ever wondered how some people can just walk into a room and instantly people are drawn to them? I mean, it’s annoying but even you can’t help but admit she has a certain charm. Heck you wanna be friends with her too! How do some people make every business work or every friendship meaningful? What is their secret? They probably have quite a few, but here are some top ones that you can also learn and use. The Law of Reciprocation: During the earthquakes that tore Mexico Read more [...]

The Lost Art of Shutting up and Listening

I was 15 years old when life taught me the value of silence. Or as I like to call it: How to shut up and listen first. The year is 1992 and I’m in my 10th grade geography class, pretending to listen whilst day dreaming in the hot, humid class room. The whir of the ceiling fans and the whispers of my classmates passing notes behind me mingles with the monotonous voice of the teacher, practically a lullaby to nap-dom. Suddenly, an intruder. “Sister Ellen wants to see Kavetha” I’m Read more [...]